Fix My Credit: How Does Lexington Law’s Credit Restoration Stack Up?

In a new segment, we will be looking at the other major credit restoration companies, how they charge their clients, and what services they provide. We figured we’d kick it off this week with Lexington Law. How did they stack up? Read below and find out.

Lexington Law

$99.95 first-work fee
$39.95 or more per month, depending on the “selected service level”

Service Levels:
Lexington Regular: $39.95/month
Concord Standard: $59.95/month
Concord Premier: $79.95/month

Lexington Regular is the standard package without any “perks.” Concord Standard adds on “goodwill interventions,” “escalated info requests,” and “debt validation.” Goodwill interventions are when Lexington Law “leverages your fiscal relationship with your creditor in an effort to positively impact the record and reporting of your credit.” Wait, isn’t this sort of standard? Why do you have to pay $20 more per month for this service?

Escalated info requests are another intervention where they ask the creditor for documentation of an account’s compliance with consumer protection laws or that the creditor change how the item is reported on the credit reports. Once again, I don’t understand why someone wouldn’t already be getting this service. Aren’t credit repair companies supposed to demand documentation or a change in the client’s credit report?

Debt validation is when Lexington Law asks for a “complete accounting” of charge-offs and collections or a removal of the item(s) from the credit report. Considering that charge-offs are going up for Bank of America and Citigroup with Bank of America’s charge-offs resting at around 10%, this is something that shouldn’t be a credit repair “perk.”

Moving up to the Concord Premier, clients get a monthly credit score improvement analysis, ReportWatch, InquiryAssist, and Identity Theft Insurance. The monthly credit score analysis gives clients a rundown of their credit report and tips for improving their credit score. Along those same lines, ReportWatch sends out e-mails when there are positive or negative changes on the client’s credit reports. While it is a good service, I don’t see any point in fixing my credit unless someone is going to be keeping an eye on the credit reports afterwards for me, and this is being marketed as a premium “perk” from Lexington Law.

InquiryAssist allows clients to take care of questionable inquiries which have a negative impact on their credit score. Once again, I feel like clients shouldn’t have to pay $40 more per month for this service, and I think they are wrapping up a standard service in a pretty name.

Identity Theft Insurance is a $25,000 identity theft insurance policy that comes complimentary with the Concord Premier package. It might be a nice deal, but unfortunately, it is not available to New York residents. New York residents will still pay $79.95 a month and just get the monthly analysis, ReportWatch, and InquiryAssist.

My Credit Specialist is a different kind of credit restoration company. Unlike Lexington Law, My Credit Specialist does not charge anything until false items are removed from a client’s credit report, and instead of joining fees and monthly fees, they only charge per item removed. This method makes credit repair more affordable and gives credit specialists an incentive to remove items quickly rather than prolonging the process and continuing to collect a monthly fee. To learn more about credit repair and sign up for a free credit evaluation, go to or call 1-866-545-6500.

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