My Credit Specialist Responds to New Jersey Consumer Affairs Credit Repair Campaign

At My Credit Specialist, we have been watching the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs’ credit repair campaign very carefully, and we would like to respond to some of the claims they have made about credit repair companies.

This has been an interesting week for credit repair companies in New Jersey. The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs came out hard against credit restoration companies that are not compliant with federal law. They have sent out pamphlets, set up an informational website, released radio ads, and put together a video which is available on their website.

Now, My Credit Specialist does not dispute most of the facts asserted by the Division of Consumer Affairs. From the very beginning, we have made a concerted effort to educate the general public about credit repair law and have remained compliant in our business, never charging upfront fees or making outrageous promises. (See our November blog “Credit Restoration: How to Spot a Fraud.”) Every day, we have new articles on our blog, and our video series “Debunking Credit Myths” has been featured on other credit education websites. We even give consumers a means to ask questions or give feedback through our Facebook page and Twitter. If you want to talk with us in person, you can stop by our Manhattan office at 16 West 36th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue from 10 to 7 Monday thru Friday or Saturday by appointment only.

At the same time, we realize that not every credit repair company is like My Credit Specialist, and there are, as Thomas R. Calcagni of the Division of Consumer Affairs pointed out, fraudsters who want to “scam consumers out of hundreds of dollars while essentially doing nothing.” Where we take issue with Mr. Calcagni’s campaign is how he has chosen to present his message. He might be attempting to protect the public from scams, but in the process, he is demonizing all credit repair companies.

When I first moved to New York City, I was looking for an apartment, and I found what looked like a really great deal in the Upper East Side. It was a furnished one bedroom, and they sent me all sorts of pictures of a beautiful apartment. Unfortunately, the beautiful apartment in those pictures was not the apartment they were trying to rent to me. In fact, there was no apartment. I did a little bit of investigating and found out that they had given me an address for a vacant lot where a building used to be. I had almost been scammed, but that does not mean that everyone renting out apartments is a scam artist as evidenced by the fact that I eventually found a really great apartment.

Mr. Calcagni, we appreciate your effort to inform the public, but we do not appreciate credit repair being broadly categorized as scams. There are good and bad credit repair companies; there are good and bad restaurants; and there are good and bad lawyers. We are one of the good ones. Finally, while it is true that people can do credit repair on their own, there are advantages to working with a credit repair company. Anyone can build a house, but it is better to hire a builder. You pay for a work of art, even though anyone can paint or draw. You can represent yourself in court, but unless you have knowledge of the law and court procedures, it is better to hire a lawyer. There is a reason why we call ourselves “credit specialists,” and we hope that in the future, you will be more careful about how you characterize our ethics and our work.

To learn more about how My Credit Specialist can help you, go to our website at, or call us at 1-866-565-6500.

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3 Responses to “My Credit Specialist Responds to New Jersey Consumer Affairs Credit Repair Campaign”

  1. What a waste of my Tax Dollars.

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